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Update to Outbound Demurrage Calculation 

Dear Valued ONE Customers,

Please be advised that effective February 27th, 2023, Ocean Network Express (ONE) will introduce an updated outbound demurrage calculation in the North America region (the US and Canada), matching with the ocean terminals’ Earliest Return Date (ERD) and ONE’s Rail Receipt Date (RRD).

Currently ONE has been applying the concept of the Demurrage Free Receiving Date (DFRD) for the outbound demurrage calculation to avoid factoring in the vessel schedule delay into the outbound demurrage calculation. Effective February 27th, 2023, ONE will implement an updated logic consistent with ERD from the ocean terminals.

Demurrage chargeable to a customer:
A customer will still be assessed for the demurrage charge at the ocean terminals and at the intermodal locations for the time incurred under the following scenarios and when the gated container stay exceeds the agreed freetime: 

  • When a customer requests or causes a roll after gating in.
  • When a roll is caused by the regulatory requirements (i.e. customs inspection).
  • When a container gates in prior to the ocean terminal posted ERD

Customers to obtain the latest ERD:
To ensure the customers’ access to the most timely and accurate ERD information, ONE encourages customers to use ocean terminal websites to obtain the latest ERD. This is because it may change due to several factors involving decisions by the ocean terminals, i.e. vessel schedules, weather, terminal congestion, etc. Accordingly, ONE will not include the ERD information on the booking receipt while the cutoff information will still be provided by ONE on the booking receipt.

This update is in consideration of customers, providing a better understanding of ONE’s outbound demurrage calculation. 

For further details, please view “Updated Demurrage Logic Info (Effective Feb 27th, 2023”.

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing ONE.

Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc.

PDF Version Available Here