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PayCargo Payments


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What can I pay via PayCargo? 

Any invoice issued by and payable directly to "Ocean Network Express PTE LTD. c/o Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc".
Ex: Ocean Freight, Detention, Export Demurrage, TPB/ Third Party Billing

Ocean terminal demurrage not invoiced by ONE directly must be paid via the eModal platform. Rail and depot storage not invoiced by ONE directly must be paid to the rail or depot.

How can I sign up to use PayCargo? 

Go to and click on Get Started and sign up as a Payer or call 888-250-7778.

What payment options does PayCargo offer? 

There are 4 payment options available:

▪ Credit Card

▪ ACH debit

▪ Prepaid

▪ PayCargo Credit

What if I have a problem with a PayCargo transaction? 

PayCargo has a Customer Experience team available 24/7 by phone (888-250-7778) or email ([email protected]).

How quickly will cargo be released after I make a payment to ONE through PayCargo? 

Almost immediately! As soon as the transaction is confirmed by PayCargo, PayCargo notifies ONE of the payment details. Cargo release against a PayCargo payment should occur within 60 minutes.

Are there fees to make a payment through PayCargo?

PayCargo charges nominal fees to the payer for their payment service that vary based on the type of transaction. Please contact PayCargo for details on transaction fees. ONE does not charge a fee to accept a payment through PayCargo.

Click here for PayCargo: