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Union Pacific Dallas (DIT) - Live Lift

Union Pacific Dallas (DIT) - Live Lift

Dear Valued Customers,

We’ve received the following information from Union Pacific regarding the Dallas (DIT) facility. To expedite the outgating of ground stack units, Union Pacific has positioned lift equipment and personnel to provide “live lift” availability for any unit 24/7, effective immediately.

Customers do not need to contact ONE to confirm availability of units for lift provided they have a bare chassis available. Customers are encouraged to confirm ground stack condition (no chassis association) prior to sending drivers in for lift (if unit is on chassis when driver arrives a second flip charge will need to be authorized to lift unit to truckers’ chassis). Drayage providers should check to determine if a container is wheeled or will require a lift on to a chassis.

From Union Pacific:

“Effective Immediately
DIT (Dallas) STACK currently:    GATE OPEN   24 x 7

  • ALL Stacks Areas are OPEN and available, ENCOURAGING overnight PICKUP
  • DRIVERS must bring ‘bare’ chassis private or pool to be mounted from stack
    (DCLP/FCCP chassis at ingate to be recognized as NONE, private)
  • DRIVERS need to go to swing line and advise container/location if known; driver will be instructed what to do from the flip line
    • ENCOURAGE stack pickup between 7PM – 5 AM for the shorts wait time.  
    • Drivers need to be patient depending on the number of drivers and stack locating, allow time for cherry pick.”


In conjunction with making these units available for live lift, Union Pacific will be restarting storage clocks on all ground stack units. Effective November 28, 2022, please find the chart below for fee guidance. Any storage accrued on the ground stack units after the “restart date” will be customer responsibility.

ONE Customer Service is available via Live Chat: ( & 

Phone: (844) 413-6029 to assist you with your shipment needs.


We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing ONE!



Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc.

PDF Version Available Here.