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Customer Advisory - NYC DEM Update April 2023

Notice of Demurrage Update

New York City, NY


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your continued support and choosing Ocean Network Express (ONE) to cater to your needs.

Please be advised that effective April 1, 2023, a new quantum will apply for dry and reefer-as-dry (RAD) export containers past 30 days demurrage at New Jersey/New York (USNYC) terminals. That quantum is set at $400. On the import side, the 30 days+ quantum is updated to reflect $710 per day.

As usual, demurrage days are counted after free time has expired. The following changes (highlighted) will apply across all trade lanes. 

USNYC Demurrage Setup

Dry/RAD Import

Dry/RAD Exports

4 Free WD

5 Free WD

1-4 days - US$ 290

1-4 days - US$ 230

5-9 days - US$ 395

5-29 days - US$ 350

10-29 days - US$480

30+ days – US$400

30+ days – US$710


We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing ONE.



Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc.


PDF Version available here

For cargo to/from Europe/Mediterranean:

Latest Basic Ocean Freight rates, Bunker Related Charges, THCs (origin or destination), Security Related charges, Peak Season Surcharges (if applicable) can be accessible at our website:

Other charges such as local charges and contingency charges may apply.