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Tacoma, WA Husky Long Stay Rehandling Charge UPDATE

Tacoma, WA - Long Stay Rehandling
Husky Terminals

Dear Valued ONE Customers,

We received the following notification from Husky Terminals and are sharing with you as information:

On November 1st, Husky Terminal implemented a $315 Long Stay Rehandling Charge for imports dwelling in excess of 15 days.  This fee, in addition to the normal port demurrage charges, was implemented to address the costs incurred from the multiple rehandles and congestion associated with our long dwelling import units.  

At the time of implementation, 40% of our RTG runs were filled with units dwelling between 21 and 90 days.  Today, the high dwelling units account for over 50% of our RTG capacity.  The continued deterioration in pickup of available units remains the deterrent to eliminating terminal and berth congestion.   As a result, we will be implementing a temporary adjustment to the Rehandling Charge

Effective January 3rd, 2022 all local import units exceeding 15 days on our terminal will incur a $315 Long Stay Rehandling Charge.    An additional $315 charge will apply for every 5 days beyond the first 15 until pick up is secured.  

  1. No charge for the first 15 days following discharge
  2. $315 charge implemented on Day 16
  3. Additional $315 charge applied every 5 days beyond the first 15 on the terminal 


  1. Days 21 – 25: $315
  2. Days 26 – 30: $315
  3. Days 31 – 35: $315

Husky Terminal strongly urges our customers to target picking up high dwelling units from Husky during the rest of December to avoid the additional fees. As a reminder, Saturday gates will continue to be offered and are a great option to expand your pickup opportunities. 

Husky “Special Notice”:

This ONE Customer Notification is solely for informational sharing purposes only. Ocean Network Express is not responsible for the accuracy or implementation of these charges. Please direct any specific “Rehandling Fee Charge” questions to Husky directly. 

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing ONE.


Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc.


PDF version available here.