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Operational Alert - CN/CP Vancouver Rail Washout

CN/CP Vancouver Rail Washout - Update
Operational Alert

Dear Valued ONE Customers,

Please be advised that due to heavy downpours and mudslides in southwestern British Columbia, there have been multiple rockslides blocking access in and out of the Port of Vancouver. The following update was provided by the CN Network.

CN crews worked around the clock throughout the weekend restoring the track between Kamloops and Boston Bar. We expect this area to be passable early on Wednesday, November 24th 2021 barring any unforeseen issues.

The restored areas will require on-going monitoring and maintenance windows as we resume train operations.

We will continue to assess the situation as repair crews progress and we will update you daily until restoration is complete.

Please note that these events impact both CP and CN lines which run in a common route through the area.

Outage will have adverse impact on Deltaport rail E/B production and export gate reservation acceptance at origin terminals. Further details as follows: 

POV Import Traffic: Our Port team continues to work closely with all Terminal operators to keep them updated on in-bound railcar arrival as the main line reopens and trains begin to move in the area, at this point we do not expect this to start until Wednesday of this week. We will continue to monitor the progress and keep all parties advised. 

Export & Empty Traffic to POV:  While we make every effort to support acceptance of empty containers as the mainline reopens, we will prioritize acceptance /movement of loaded export traffic. We will be providing Customers with some empty capacity, acceptance of loads & empties will be in the following order:

Tuesday – November 23rd : Joliet, IL / Indianapolis, IN / Chippewa Falls, MN / Arcadia, WI

Wednesday – November 24th : Detroit, MI / Chicago, IL / Memphis, TN

***We are reviewing acceptance of export traffic at Canadian origins and will provide an update on Wednesday – November 24th

CN’s online Export cut off grids will only be updated once the mainline is open and exports are able to be accepted. Our Export Customer Experience team will continue communicating with Customers regarding containers that may be in jeopardy of making their intended vessel due to the current delays in the BC region.

Export Reefer Traffic to POV: We will provide an update on acceptance of Reefer cargo for next week including reopening Customer reefer allocation by Wednesday, November 24th. Customers who wish to pick up their export reefer containers that have already been in-gated at a CN ramp will be able to do so ( at no additional cost) if they so choose. Customers should contact our Reefer Customer Experience team to make the necessary arrangements.  Our team continues to monitor loaded traffic ( import / export) and will keep Customers advised on delays / jeopardy of missing vessels.

Additional operational impact information will be provided as it’s available. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing ONE!



Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc.


PDF version available here.