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EC2 / Helsinky Bridge v034 Update#2

Dear Valued ONE Customer,

We would like to inform the updated schedule of mv. Helsinki Bridge as below. The vessel must discharge the damaged empty containers prior to beginning the normal discharging operation at Wilmington.


Estimated Schedule mv. Helsinki Bridge 034 (Update as of March 5th 15:00 LT, subject to change)

March 6th/10t h Start discharging of damaged Empty Containers

March 10th (Sun) PM Berth to Wilmington Terminal and start Normal Cargo Discharge Operation

March 11th (Mon) PM Depart Wilmington heading for Savannah (*)

(*) Further Coastal Schedule to be updated


Export Cargo: (from Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington)

All Export Bookings originally booked with Helsinki Bridge 034W have been shifted to the Humen Bridge v.069W

Wilmington ETA : March 7th 2019 16:30 LT (Updated)

We regret the inconvenience caused and will keep you posted once any update is available.


Please click here to download this customer advisory



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